Monday, March 31, 2008

Hi again

Sorry, I've been busy, and wasn't able to post.
Everything was fine last time.
last Monday, the doctor saw something on the scan that is sometimes indicative of a chromosomal abnormality. Today, my wife went for genetic counseling, and they said the chance of it being a problem was really slim, so it looks like everything is ok there.
Thanks to all who posted that they're still reading! Post more so I know you're still there :)


Anonymous said...

chromosomal abnormality Percentages?
In which?
In general more Info?

m/csurvivor said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm still reading! What is going on? Are you having an amnio???

Michele said...

Seems like question day so ... Do you guys know if you are having boys or girls or both yet?

Trying said...

We do know the genders, but we're not sharing yet ;)
The doctor decided not to do an amnio, they said the chances of there being a problem are very slim

Anonymous said...

What Are the Pesach Plans?