Thursday, March 6, 2008


There's a couple we used to be friends with (we had a HUGE fight recently over that whole A TIME issue, and aren't really speaking now). They also went through fertility treatments, and were successful.
I think that having succeeded, they forgot what it was like to be going through treatments, and to be so nervous and wondering what the next day will bring. They aren't too sensitive to people going through it anymore.
I hope that doesn't happen to me. Even with our pregnancy, we're nervous, due to the uterine issues we're dealing with. Our pregnancy can end at any time. I just hope that when, hopefully, our babies are in our arms, we'll remember what it's like, and treat people with the sensitivity and respect they so desperately want. If I start acting like an ass, I hope someone slaps me up a bit.


littleangelkisses said...

Congrats on the twins! How very exciting for you. You had asked my "story"...We concieved Boo after 7m TTC. My mother took DES while pg with me to prevent miscarrying. He was born at 31 weekd due to a condition called Vasa Previa. He is now healthy and the light of our lives. We've been TTC#2 since 1/06. 4 IUI clomid cycles. We decided to try a clinical trial on cryopreservation of eggs even though we had insurance b/c then we'd have ins. to fall back on. We had eggs retrieved and frozen the day before I turned 36. Two weeks later, we found out that our ins. was being cancelled (in two weeks). After delays, we finally thawed and fertilized all 6 eggs. 3 fertilized and we transfered all 3 at a 3dt. BFN on March 4th. We will now have to try to save up for an IVF sometime in the future.

hoping for a child said...

i'm almost 34- i can't take a break. besides, if i don't have a child soon my heart will burst. thanks for your thoughts though. my husband will never agree to switch clinics- supposedly we are with one of the best doctors in the world. shabbat shalom.