Friday, March 14, 2008

Doctor visit/Ultrasound... and some suspense!

On Monday, my wife went to the doctor for her checkup, and everything looked great. Yesterday, she was having some stomach pains again, so instead of me going shopping for stuff for Shabbos, we went to the doctor again.
Everything was fine, and he said the pain could be from one of a few things. I finally got to see an ultrasound again! It's been a long time since I saw it. It was so cool! The baby has limbs, and was moving around, and you could see it all! We asked if he could tell the gender yet, and he said the babies weren't cooperating with their positioning. He did say, however, that he could take a guess based on what he did see if he had to, but really wasn't sure. I'm not going to write what he said until we know for sure, so enjoy the suspense!

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hoping for a child said...

i'm bummed and not looking forward to doing it again. we start the shots in two weeks. don't you want to be surprised by the sex of the babies? i think it's more fun that way. anyway, hope all is well with you and your wife.