Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A stitch?

My wife went in to the doctor today again. Both her cervixes are at 3 cm, and one is funneling. The doctor said he might want to put in a stitch next week as a preventative measure. He has to discuss it with his partners, and they'll let us know what the decision is. For now, it's bed rest for her.


Mindy said...

Oy... part of the fun of a twin pregnancy.

2 cervixes??? There is only 1 cervix.

a stitch is a smart thing to put in.

hope bedrest isnt too boring for her.

Trying said...

Mindy, did you forget about my wife's anatomy? She has two of everything.

m/csurvivor said...

a stitch (or 2 ;) is good.

hang in there!

Mindy said...

trying, I actually didnt knwo yoru wife has 2 of everything! 2 uteruses too? are theh twins in theh same uterus? is the shortening cervix the one where the twins are?

mindy said...

wow, it took me ages to chap, but esp. your comment about the double anatomy made me realize I know your wife, quite well I might add. I didnt realize who it was. there's only one person on atime who has that condition that I know of. congratulations, I;'m so happy for her (you too!) I hope all continues going well. she can contact me if she wants nwo that I knwo about the pregnancy (unless we've alread been talking on the PG board ands he wants to stay anonymous.