Thursday, April 24, 2008

No stitch yet, but it's always something

We went to the doctor yesterday, and had an anatomy scan done. We even got a 3D ultrasound of one of the baby's faces! It's pretty cool.
Anyway, her cervical length yesterday was better, but they saw something else. It seems a blood vessel is at the bottom of her left uterus, between the baby and the cervix. This can be a big problem - the vessel can rupture if the baby tries to come out, and can be very harmful to the baby. There's a chance she'll have to be in the hospital for the last month or two of the pregnancy.


hoping for a child said... really is always something. thanks for your help with the bloating. i don't get it doctor said to eat lots of sodium. i even ate mcdonalds- something i never do, to get more sodium. anyway, i hope all is well with your wife.

Michele said...

You guys are total troopers. I would have melted down by now. Hang in there : )

Anonymous said...

how was pesach?