Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shabbos in the hospital

Shabbos wasn't that bad. Easier than I thought it would be.
The only real issue I had was food. The bed I had in my wife's room (a chair that unfolds to a small bed) wasn't too bad, and davening was right down the block. The food, though, was a problem. The hospital gives food only for my wife, and she said it was pretty gross. The bikur cholim gave her food for shabbos - challah, fish, soup (in a thermos), some chicken, and some meat loaf. I also brought some chicken cutlets from home. I'm a picky eater, and don't like chicken on the bone - only cutlets.
Anyway, so Friday night, we have the fish, and then I pour the soup. It wasn't hot anymore, even with the thermos, and it didn't taste too great. I had 2 spoonfuls, and that was it for me. Then, I tried some of the potato kugel they gave (forgot to mention that before!) and it tasted pretty good. That is, until the aftertaste hit me. Yuck! Plus, it was cold, like everything else was.
I think next week, I'm going to get my own thermos or two, and bring my own soup, and maybe a thermos full of cholent. I'll buy a potato kugel that I know I like, and some side dishes. That way, I won't go hungry.


mindy said...

btw - is your wife getting daily food from bikur cholim? it gets boring after a while, I know, but at least she'll have what to eat.

mindy said...

btw i really want to contact you or your wife but there is no email address here listed for you. can you drop me a line at I want to ask you or your wife something instead of posting it here since you dont want me posting anything personal.

hoping for a child said...

how about getting one of those hot plate things that stays on for 24 hours or a crockpot to keep the food warm? i'm sorry...i guess it's difficult to make it a joyous shabbat in the hospital. i hope she's got friends or family within walking distance.

Trying said...

mindy: yes, she gets food from bikur cholim. It's not great food, but it's better than the hospital food. No, I can't e-mail you. If you really know who my wife is on the A TIME boards, just pm her.

hoping: I wish we could, but we're not allowed to use a crock pot in the room. They'd really get upset about it.

JewishMama said...

Shabbos in the hospital is never fun, even more so when you're going to be there for a while. Bikur cholim do their best, but it's never the same as home made. If it's not too expensive, perhaps you could buy deli stuff for Shabbos and make a themos before you leave fot the hospital, so at least you'll have hot soup Friday night.

JewishMama said...

Good Shabbos!
Hope the food is a little more like homemade this week!