Sunday, June 15, 2008

In the hospital

Well, we're in the hospital. For a while. The doctor says he's not letting her go past 35 weeks, so we have a maximum of 7 weeks to go.
My wife's cough is still pretty bad. The doctor from the practice who's on call now asked her if she took codeine. We told him nobody told us to take it, and his partner (our main doctor) told us to take Robitussin DM. He said, " Well, when he has a cough, he can take the Robitussin. It's worthless. When I have a cough, I'll take codeine."
He said he's going to order it now, because he doesn't like the sound of the cough.


mindy said...
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Trying said...

mindy, I'd appreciate it if you didn't write anything which would show which hospital my wife is in. You may know, but others don't, and I'd like to keep it that way. Please don't write anything personal in your comments.

By the way, the hospital does have internet access, and she has a laptop there.

MO IF said...

Hope you guys aren't too bored. Please let us know if you'd like visiters!

hoping for a child said...

wow...that must be so hard on her. i hope she has plenty of reading material. continue to be nice to her even if she's cranky to you. (i've been really mean to my husband lately- i just can't help it with all the vomiting.)

Mindy said...

I apologize.
I'm glad there is internet access there, there wasnt 3 years ago. Good thing to know! thanks!

send your wife my best. I'd call her, but I dont think she wants me to.

JewishMama said...

Hope your wife is feeling better and not finding the bedrest too boring.

littleangelkisses said...

I'm glad your doctor is being proactive and found the VP early. It's key to saving the baby's life!

There is a VP support group on Yahoo if you are interested.

I had VP with my son, if you have questions, please let me know!