Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another week...

Well, this Shabbos I was more prepared. I brought a thermos of hot soup, and it stayed steaming hot for our meal. My mother visited during the week, and she made chicken for us for Shabbos, and some kugel.
Overall, it wasn't a bad Shabbos. We had food, I slept ok, everything was fine.
During the week, they switched my wife's room. She had been on the labor/delivery floor, and they switched her to the regular post-partum floor. Her room is more comfortable, she gets a normal bed, and some closets now. She's pretty happy about the change.


Mindy said...

I'm glad she got to a better room. Did you sleep in the hospital or in a nearby hotel/hospitality room?

Wow, long, tough haul for you both, I hope it goes easily.

I got in touch with your wife and got both my questions answered. good luck!

Modern Orthodox IF said...

glad she's more comfortable!

hoping for a child said...

so glad it was an improvement from last weekend. take care...not much longer.