Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yet another doctor to see

A few days ago my wife went to the OB again. He said her last blood test showed a few things. One, her PSH (I think) levels are high. That's some thyroid thing, so she needs to see an endocrinologist. Second, he doesn't think she should be taking Lovenox anymore. Apparently, on the ultrasound they saw what they called a "bleeder" in her uterus. It's not a problem, but he doesn't like it, and he thinks the Lovenox is causing it.
So, I called the doctor who prescribed the Lovenox, and his secretary tells me he needs to discuss it with the OB. I call the OB's office, and leave a message with the doctor's name and number. Of course, a few days later, they haven't spoken.
My wife is still taking the Lovenox, and we're waiting for the results of the yet to happen conversation.

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hoping for a child said...

you have to be really aggressive with these doctors i've found. i'm going thru the same thing with a medication i'm taking. my nurse says continue taking it but everything we read says discontinue in case of pregnancy. well, what if i'm possibly pregnant? anyway, thanks for the message to my husband. i think he's bummed b/c he thinks now maybe he actually has some "fault" too. it was ok when i was at fault but now he might share the responsibility. i hope you get an answer soon.