Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hectic days...

Ok, so our daughter came home last Monday, and our son came home on Thursday. The doctor also gave clearance for his bris, so it will be on Thursday morning. We're trying to get things set up for it. Unfortunately, all the treatments affected our finances, so we;re not doing anything too fancy. I'd always wanted to do a fancy bris, since we went through hell to get to it, but we won't be able to. Luckiloy for us, there's a gemach which helps with the bris - they give you free food. We just have to pay for the place to do it, and probably pay for a waiter.
We're also not sure when we're making a kiddush for our daughter. We were thinking this coming Shabbos, but 3 days after the bris probably won't be a good idea.

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