Thursday, August 14, 2008


We made the bris this morning for our son. In my speech, I spoke about Bonei Olam and how much they helped us, and encouraged people to support them.
Afterward, a friend came over to me. This friend is also going through fertility issues - except there isn't much hope in their case. They really don't have much chance of having their own biological children. Anyway, he said to me, "You know, most people wouldn't say such things in their speech. They'd be too ashamed of it. But you came out and said what many others wouldn't, and you spoke for many others when you did. I was really impressed."
It felt good to hear that. I really wasn't sure about saying it during the speech. I'm sure family and friends suspected about us going through fertility treatments, but now we confirmed it. I figured that if it gets the message across, and helps people support organizations like Bonei Olam, it's worth it.

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hoping for a child said...

good for you! and mazel tov on the brit! i'm so will i get thru that? i think woman traditionally leave the room right? anyway, the hulk hogan thing is nasty...i'm not proud of that.