Monday, May 19, 2008

Stay in bed!

My wife had some bad stomach pains last night, and we called the doctor at about 2 am or so. Of course, after I spoke to the service, the pain mostly subsided.
She had an appointment today anyway, so he told her to wait until she came in, unless it got really bad again, which it didn't. Anyway, the doctor said it happens sometimes after a cerclage, and it's just the uterus adjusting to it.
He also put her on total bed rest now - no walking around at all. Stay in bed, get up to use the bathroom, then back to bed.
He also ordered her a home monitor, to check for contractions. Someone is supposed to come and show her how to use it.

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JewishMama said...

Hope she's not finding the bed rest too boring. I'm sure you're taking good care of her.